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The bread and butter began its journey as a strategic brand consulting agency in the heart of London in 2004, and has been providing market insights and integrated branding encompassing innovative brand strategies ever since. Our name is derived from the fact that branding is as foundational to business as bread and butter is to our everyday lives. The company has been expanding its global impact since establishing its Seoul office in 2009, most recently moving its headquarters to a new office in New York in 2021.
our purpose
Here at the bread and butter, we not only specialize in retail consulting and branding, but are also committed to providing clients with strategic insights. These insights ensure our clients' success and guide them towards developing sustainable brand management and growth. From this cornerstone of our practice comes our hallmark 'sustainable branding,’ which has generated strong, lasting results for our clients. Most significantly, we are committed to our core purpose: to create positive social change as an impact-driven branding business.

Since the bread and butter’s inception, we have both guided our clients in accelerating their business growth and equipped them with savvy branding insights to aid in future-proofing their companies. We do this because we believe it is important to go above and beyond to add value to our clients’ businesses. It’s through our commitment to our high standards that we’ll achieve our vision of becoming a small but mighty brand consulting boutique. This mission matters to us: the bread and butter is not your average brand consulting agency; our strategic branding provides our past, current and future clients with a competitive edge over their peers. We want to be seen as more than just good, or even great. We want to be known as the best.
our purpose : B the Change
The excellent work done by the bread and butter has been recognized on an international level, with the company achieving Certified B-Corporation status in 2018. As a Certified B-Corporation, we strive to use our business to provide branding solutions for our clients that are in need of expert guidance to become successful. Using our effective branding methodology, the bread and butter helps businesses become more sustainable, manageable, and importantly, achieve a positive social and branding impact. We donate our time and services (through pro bono branding), as well as donating at least 10% of net profit to support non-profit organizations, crowdfunding projects, and small startups. All of our work and services are for good and are recorded annually in our IMPACT REPORT.

As a result, of 6,200 ranked companies, the bread and butter is among the TOP 5% of Certified B-Corporations worldwide, specifically in the workers' impact area. We value the opportunity to continue work with a purpose and overarching vision of promoting social good with like-minded companies under the B Corporation umbrella. If you would like to know more about Certified B-Corporation, please visit www.bcorporation.net
our strengths
Every year there is time for introspection. At the bread and butter, we remind ourselves of our purpose and ensure that we are taking active steps to still strive towards and achieve our company ambitions. With the hard work of our team, the bread and butter has been able to maintain the ethos behind the original mission and continue this positive mindset throughout our work. On our ten year anniversary, we refined our branding and marketing beliefs into what we now call 'Rich Brand Engagement.'
Based on our own proprietary methodology known as FACTION (Fact + Fiction), the bread and butter’s phenomenal branding performance and reputation has emerged from a skillful blending of our best practices, our branding knowledge, our strategic insights, and our creative ideas fueled by our strong vision and passion.'
our service
the bread and butter is different from other branding companies because we dedicate our time and effort to defining new brands from scratch, challenging pre-existing branding, and assisting with greater customer engagement. This includes:
  • global trend report
    bespoke service quarterly report consumer lifestyle insights & toolkit
  • brand strategy
    brand strategy brand portfolio strategy brand architecture system product category line-ups private brands(labels) brand positioning
  • retail consulting
    site analysis retail strategy retail concept store layout rendering consumer journey planning MD strategy tenant coordination operation toolkit
  • brand naming
    brand naming brand slogan brand story contents press release
  • brand design
    design strategy color system super graphics symbol logotype design package design brand guideline
  • marketing
    marketing strategy marketing matrix sales promotion MD promotion communication toolkit
sustainable branding
Why Sustainable Branding Matters.
'Sustainability' is often associated with environmental issues, but we must start considering how sustainability can relate to the economic and social aspects of our lives too. As the significance of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) increases, companies have been investing billions of dollars into developing 'sustainable products' instead of investing in sustainable branding. To us, sustainable branding means products or services that communicate with and engage customers, encouraging them to leave a positive impact on the world. As such, the bread and butter proposed three key action plans for sustainable branding for the 2021 London Design Festival. https://londondesignfestival.com/activities/sustainable-branding
global network
With four global networks and partners, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering a service that is personal and tailored to their needs.
the bread and butter - New York Office (head office)
the bread and butter - London Office (design studio)
the bread and butter - Seoul Office
2023 annual report
If you would like to ask us any questions or enquiries about anything in the annual report, please email hello@the-bread-and-butter.com
2023 impact report
We invite your feedback on our impact report in relation to the aims, objectives, questions and aspirations we have targeted. hello@the-bread-and-butter.com