Samsung Digitalplaza Megastore- Daejeon
Samsung Electronics
Samsung Digital Plaza Megastore- Retail Consulting Project
Project Scope
Global Retail Trend Insights/ Samsung Digital Plaza Analysis/ Retail Strategy/ New Store Concept & Positioning/ MD Plan/ VMD Scheme/ Floor Plan Design/ Landscape Plan/ Facade Design/ Customer Journey Map/ Rendering Image(3D)/ Communication Message

Location : Samsung Electronics Digital Plaza Megastore- Daejeon (gross area 11,616.14㎡, site area 2,295.60㎡, building area 2,018.17㎡, 7stories)
Challenges & Solution
Samsung Electronics, opening a new massive scaled (over 28,000 sq ft) digital plaza in Daejeon, inquired the bread and butter for overall retail strategic planning, floor-specific concept ideation, zoning schemes, floor plan, and rendering. After two years of construction and planning, the door to the store opened in Dunsan-dong, located in the heart of Daejeon.

The digital plaza is an entirely new retail concept, growing out of its traditional store layout that used to emphasize sales. The new digital plaza focuses on being a local-community-driven store where shoppers are able to step into the store and find different Samsung Electronics products in a curated lifestyle format. Unlike past Samsung digital plaza stores, the new location will host a Starbucks cafe on the first floor alongside the mobile zone and TV zone to increase time spent in the store. Going up one floor, customers will be greeted by the Casamia furniture store that implements the retail strategy of arranging Casamia furniture with Samsung digital products such as the Bespoke range in showroom format, emphasizing lifestyle over product. Such collaboration of two brands is expected to create synergetic energy as consumers browse for products for their specific lifestyles.

Another highlight of the new store is the void that connected the 1st to 3rd floor providing a beautiful feeling of welcome and openness. The store facade is also uniquely distinguishable from other nearby stores with its wavy metal plate that metaphorically symbolizes digital wave, communicating futuristic and trendy feelings no matter the time of day.

Come in and see for yourself how Samsung Electronic's new digital plaza in Daejeon leads customers' in-store journey, communicates product experience, and even the factor that makes customers stay longer. This new phygital (physical + digital) store will amaze and capture your heart as soon as you walk in. The surprise doesn't end here as the digital plaza's third floor is planning to host and create an exciting space for its customers.
Store Facade
Rendering (1F-Front)-Concept Sketch
Rendering (1F-Front)-Concept
Rendering (1F-Back)-Concept
Rendering (2F + VOID)-Concept
VOID (1F+2F+3F)
VOID (1F+2F+3F)
Store Layout- Mobile Zone(1F)
Store Layout- TV Zone(1F)
Store Layout- TV Experience Zone(1F)
Store Layout- Product Experience Zone(1F)
Store Layout- Fridge Zone(2F)
Store Layout- Showroom Type Display(2F)
Store Layout- VIP rooms(2F)
Store Facade
Store Facade - panel
Parking Lot (B1F)