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INNISFREE global brand renewal consulting
innisfree (Amore Pacific)
Global Brand Renewal Project
Project Scope
global market research + insights/ brand strategy/ brand communication message + brand story/ design strategy/ color wheel + color matrix + color name + color story/ supergraphics/ application design/ package design template/ photography guide/ brand guideline(English/Chinese/Korean, 3version)
Challenges & Solution
To be differentiated from other natural skincare brands, Innisfree wanted to define its own identity with a unique color system and strategic global brand guidelines. The bread and butter redefined Innisfree's brand central idea, strategy, color, color wheel, supergraphics, and brand story contents based on their Jeju Island heritage. We believed that by building Innisfree's own set of symbolic colors (Innisfree green + secondary color), Innisfree could secure their position as a unique natural skincare brand in the global market. The bread and butter made a global brand guideline in English, Chinese, and Korean for Innisfree to manage its brand consistently.

innisfree global brand guideline- English version
innisfree supergraphic - brand frame module
innisfree green color (main)
innisfree green color (sub)
innisfree green color wheel + color name
innisfree supergraphic - greentea pattern motif
innisfree supergraphic - greentea pattern
innisfree supergraphic - seed pattern
innisfree global brand guideline- Chinese version
innisfree global brand guideline- English version