Metaverse Platform Brand Creation Project
DUPLANET metaverse platform
Metaverse Platform Brand Creation Project
Project Scope
Global Market Research/ Competitors' Landscape/ Brand Strategy/ Brand Portfolio Strategy/ Brand Communication Message/ Brand Story Contents/ Brand Design Strategy/ Supergraphics/ Inforgraphic/ Symbol Logotype Design/ Application Design/ Brochure Design/ NFT Design/ PR Video Clip
Challenges & Solution
DUPLANET, Metaverse platform expanding the better reality

A digital world where you can buy land connected to the real world, develop your own real estate, and even rent or sell the spaces to artists, fashion boutiques, and restaurants. This is the era of metaverse based on digital twin technology.

South Korea's first-generation AI company VAIV commissioned the bread and butter to consult on the development of a new metaverse platform brand, which was to become a vast universe that experiences expanding daily lives with digital twin technologies.the bread and butter analyzed the global metaverse market landscape and case studies. The agency also mapped customer journey within the metaverse, put together the brand strategy, brand portfolio strategy, and from there successfully created brand naming, communication message, brand story contents, brand design strategy, symbol logotype design, application design including PR video and motion graphics, and brochure design.

Unlike other metaverse brands that put forward distinct technology or avatar items to communicate with users, the bread and butter defined this new metaverse brand concept as [Expanding Insperience: Expansion of better reality] so that the metaverse itself can be an expansive universe that creates experience bonded with dynamic metatainment. As such, there are three key brand core values: digital twin technology that connects reality and the digital (TECHNOLOGY), space where new business and contents are created (PLATFORM), creation of experience and contents beyond reality (EXPERIENCE).

Duplanet isn't just about technology but it encompasses the humanity, space, relationships, and connections built upon the platform. Therefore, the brand positioning isn't just simply metaverse but a BETTERVERSE which combines two key values: the betterment of one's life and betterment of the society.

Based on the brand concepts and positioning, the platform was name DUPLANET which has the double meaning of Discover Ultimate PLANET / Distinctive and Unique PLANET. And the DU in DUPLANET resembles the pronunciation of Deux in french, communicating the distinctiveness of digital twin technology.

In terms of brand communication message, we tried to embody users' three core behaviors which are OWN (owning and buying digital land), CONNECT (a lifestyle that is connected to both reality and digital), and LIVE (metaliving that allows freedom to create new contents and lifestyle). As such, it is simple communication of the metaverse experience of owning, connecting, and living in a metaverse world.

Based on these, the bread and butter lead the design of motion graphics, PR video clips, NFT design, application design, and brochure design.

Duplanet began its service on April 5th of 2022 starting with a land sale and in August, it will introduce the avatar world completing its official launch of the new metaverse platform.
DUPLANET- logotype design
DUPLANET- logotype design + slogan lock-up
DUPLANET- logotype design visual
DUPLANET- logotype design module
DUPLANET- logotype design grid system
DUPLANET- color palette : based on Curious Blue, we created a unique and distinctive Duplanet color palette that consists of Picton Blue, Bold Blue, Deep Sea Blue, Smart Navy, and Chrome Yellow to show the boldness of expanded reality
DUPLANET- brand slogan
DUPLANET- supergraphics : Duplanet's basic module square like the unit of land.
DUPLANET- supergraphics + website design template
DUPLANET- website design
DUPLANET- website design
DUPLANET- mobile site design + UX planning
DUPLANET- brochure design