VISA + KB Card Brand Consulting Project
VISA + KB Card Brand Consulting Project
Project Scope
Global Case Studies + Insights/ Competitors' Landscape/ Brand Strategy/ Brand Portfolio Strategy/ Product(credit card) Portfolio System/ Brand Architecture System/ Brand Naming(Premium card + Standard card)/ Brand Slogan/ Brand Story Contents/ Brand Design Strategy/ Supergraphics/ Design Simulation
Challenges & Solution
KB Card, Korea's No. 1 credit card, prides itself on its 35-year history. However, the KB Card needed a more concise and unique brand identity with the continuous release of card products without a long-term brand system. To secure KB Card's brand asset by creating a new symbolic credit card, KB Card and VISA Card, which directed this project, tasked the bread and butter with a brand strategy consulting project.

To communicate brand concepts consistently with customers and to create KB Card's very own integrated strategy system, the bread and butter conducted global market research, brand strategy, product portfolio system, premium & standard card naming, and brand messaging. While KB Card previously focused mainly on product selling, leading to various cards with simple benefits, the new brand positioning as Lifestyle Curating allows KB Card to move beyond the card services to a digital payment platform where users' lifestyles are curated.

The new concept of KB Card, defined by the bread and butter, is Collective Aspirations, which encompasses both premium and standard cards and showcases its unique positioning of caring for users' lifestyles. Based on this concept, the brand messages proposed were as two options: 'Trust. Imagine. Live' or 'Desires to Aspirations.' the bread and butter also presented several models of the Brand Architecture System and Product Portfolios, enabling KB Card to efficiently operate dozens of credit cards under a consistent portfolio in the future. The new premium and standard card names were chosen as HERITAGE and WE:SH, respectively.

HERITAGE is KB Card’s newest launch in five years to reflect premium needs amongst the new generation of consumers with coupon services, differentiated design, and sustainable packaging. The noteworthy sustainable endeavor of HERITAGE is how each card is packaged in a reusable pouch and leaflet to minimize unnecessary waste. In addition to the current services, the KB team is planning and creating exciting and distinctive premium services under the HERITAGE series.

The recently launched HERITAGE Smart card design was created by KB Card’s in-house design team on the basis of the bread and butter’s brand strategy. We realized that the current KB Card has had difficulty gaining attraction amongst the MZ generation as it mainly uses dark tones and old-fashioned visuals for its card design. To elevate the experience, the new KB Card's design concept was defined as A Collage of Curated Life to show how each user’s lifestyle is pieced together like an art collage. An interactive and communicative supergraphic was developed to be the front face of the new KB Card's identity on different platforms. In more detail, the premium HERITAGE card has more weight than before by spinning off the KB's iconic yellow color by adding gradation to the copper plate. On the other hand, the standard KB WE:SH Card uses trendy and youthful pop colors and bold objects as flat designs for readability and visibility online/mobile.
KB Card- Integrated Brand Strategy + Portfolio System
KB Premium Card - Heritage
KB Standard Card - WE:SH
KB Card - Supergraphics Simulation (concept design by the bread and butter)